the sound of glass shattering

•February 13, 2012 • 1 Comment

this post is to announce that nibble is entering an indefinite hiatus.

our editor finds that he is no longer able to publish a poetry magazine and efforts to find a suitable replacement have not succeeded.

so, a million and one thanks to all the poets who were kind enough to lend us their wondrous words.  thanks also to all those poets who allowed us the opportunity to read their work. 

thanks, too, to those brave souls who purchased the finest magazine of short poems the world has ever seen.

thank you.

and goodnight…

not all is quiet on this western front

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well, not funny, but odd.

odd how it looks like nothing is going on at nibble because we haven’t posted in so long.

people are beginning to wonder.

and they are right to wonder.  change is coming…we have not been idle and our hope is to make an announcement soon.

so hang tight, fellow poets!

november third two-thousand eleven

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today is the official release date of nibble twenty.

imminent no more, but still eminent.

have one?  sweet.  don’t have one?  bummer.

it’s never too late, poetry lover.  get one today…or at least order one today.

while we are available in approximately seventeen bookstores and libraries around the world, we calculate that the odds of you being within a reasonable distance of those seventeen is approximately a really big number with a boatload of zeroes and few commas to 1.

not so good.

your best bet is to order one via our website using paypal.  as we oft tell our little ones: there really is no past…no future.

you have now.  use it wisely.

imminent vs. eminent

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sometimes you come across an event that can be accurately described using both the words eminent and imminent.

here is one such occasion:

the release of the 20th issue of nibble is imminent.
     (def. – likely to occur at any moment)

the release of the 20th issue of nibble is eminent.
     (def. – notewothy, high in station or rank)

so, the bottom line is that you, poetry lover, need to place your order for the amazing 20th issue before it is too late.

ok, let’s be honest with each other for a moment: there is no such thing as “too late.”  in this day and age of electronica, it is both cost-effective and efficient to print such things as nibble as needed.

that being said, this issue is going to completely kick you in balls…depending on your gender.  if it can’t kick you in the balls, it’ll find some other soft tissue…a blow to the kidneys perhaps?  or a shot to the solar plexus.

you get the idea.

as you probably already know, we are currently floating in the ether of time and space and the internet.  we are addressless.  someone suggested that we are homeless, but that is not technically true.  we have a home.  we just don’t have an address.

so we are addressless.

this means what for you, you are asking.  well, it means that in order to get the 20th issue of nibble, you have to use paypal (click on subscriptions to the right of this post). 

we promise that, if this is your first time paypaling, you are way smart enough to do it…promise.

it also means that your hate mail has to be hate email.  kidding of course, we know you love us.  so email us.  seriously.

thanks for your time and everything you do for nibble and the small press universe.

we all rock!

(sorry this post is so packed, i just slammed two cups of coffee – bzzzzzzt)

an historic issue

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as you can see by the amount of time that has passed since our last update, we have been working furiously: the 20th issue of nibble, the special nibble nibble and a secret, amazing chapbook (more on that in another post).

those in the know know that the nibble nibble has been published and is being enjoyed by countless poetry lovers across the globe…ok, we could probably count them if we took the time, but countless sounds so much more poetic than 1,573…don’t you think?

copies are still available.

but the real news is the soon to be published historic 20th issue of nibble. 

wow.  we made it to 20 and we see a long road ahead.  this thing will make it to 50…and even beyond.

and this historic 20th issue is a real humdinger and we can say that with much certainty because (much trumpeting of historic trumpets) the issue is full!

so you know what to do.  order yourself a copy because this historic 20th issue is…is…fantastic.  (you thought we were going to say “historic” again, didn’t you.)

so thanks for everything you wonderful small press poetry community!  we, well, we dig your groove.


thanks for the nibbles

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hello my fine, feathered poet.

we are thrilled…okay, pleased…no, thrilled is right. 

we are thrilled to announce that the nibble nibble is official full of your wonderfulness.  yep.  pretty cool.

so now what?  tell your friends.  tell your neighbors.  buy yourself a copy.  buy them a copy.  share the incredibleness of this moment…this monumental achievement. 

go ahead, share it.

and keep sending your poetry to us. 


no reason…just…you know

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how’s it going.

no, nothing really.  just haven’t talked to you in a while and wanted to see what’s up, how you’re doing, you know.

what’s that?  oh, nibble is great, you know.  little quiet over the summer.  yeah.  we get the feeling that some folks are busy having fun, not writing as much, but it’s cool.  issue 20 should be ready to go in a few weeks.  no rush. 

man, you said a mouthful there.  quality first.  absolutely.  no, it’s not really out motto.  mottos seem a bit silly, but we definitely aren’t in a rush to put out product.  we want good poems, you know.

your son just said what?  god, kids are hilarious, aren’t they? 

what?  no.  of course we’re not calling just because we’re looking for a way to procrastinate.  we’d never do that…well, maybe we would, but not with you.  we we’re just thinking about you and it seemed like a good time to call.

no.  no problem.  yeah, we should go too.  the emails are filling up the inbox. 

ok.  will do.  you too.  bye now.

last chance at the $2 price

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just because we don’t want any of you poetry lovers to miss out, we are extending the $2 price on jeff fleming’s new chap, it is winter.

you can order through our website using paypal.

here are just some of the kind words we’ve heard about it is winter:


it is winter is beautiful and intriguing…will read it again and again.
 – emerald scott


I really enjoyed
it is winter. Initially, I loved the fact that you picked the story up after the “climax” if you will, and calmly followed the character through these strange situations, which was fascinating because it was such a unique poetic take on something very familiar, something almost noir. And the last poem is killer! 
 – jason fisk


You really packed the heat!  Intense tight lines.  Good work!

 – alan catlin

let’s just be clear here

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just a quick post to assure you that nibble is not going anywhere in the larger, global sense.  we are moving out of our office, true, but the work will continue in much the same manner as it has for the past three (freakin’!) years.

we will continue to publish the best short poetry we can get our hands on.  that mission has not changed.  we will just be doing so with out the benefit of a mailing address for the immediate, and probably slightly even more elongated, future.

anyway, you never mailed us anything.  did you?  now you’ll just have to stuff it into an email and send it to: subscriptions and other orders can be paid via paypal.  if you cannot do paypal, send us an email and we’ll figure something out.

we were rubbish at answering snailmail anyway.  10x faster with email.



to sum up.

we have a few slots available in issue 20 of nibble, several in the nibble nibble, and a few more than that in the (controversial) nipple nibble.

so keep the poems flowing and we will continue to publish them.  on paper.

the end of an era

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just a quick post to let you know that we will be vacating our office sometime in early september. 

therefore, it would be best if you did not mail anything to us after the middle of august and since we are pretty much in the middle of august…

our email ( will continue to be the most effective method for reaching us.

so, you know, take that as an invitation…