2nd bite

Editor’s Note:

Just wanted to post a note as we gear up for our first issue. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be the editor of this new project. Having overseen every aspect of two previous poetry journals (CannedPhlegm and Cranial Tempest), I can tell you that there is an immense amount of satisfaction in getting an issue out and hearing from the poetry community once it hits mailboxes. Plus this time around I have been promised that I only have to wear one hat – Editor.

I love the Internet and there are some great electronic literary jounals out there, but for me there’s nothing like the feeling of a paper and staple journal.  I am, however, thrilled to be up and running on the web and we have Word Press to thank for that.

We are enjoying the freedom and ease the webpage and email submissions have afforded us and fully expect feedback to come even more quickly, even more often and with greater honesty.

In hopes of encouraging anyone who might be on the fence about nibble as a new project, here is a short list of folks who will appear in issue number one (in no particular order): Christopher Cunningham, justin.barrett, Hosho McCreesh, Timothy Gager, Justin Hyde, Yvon Cormier, Rusty Barnes and Ed Galing.

How could I possibly put out an issue of nibble without Ed Galing. Or Christopher Cunningham who, when I was publishing chapbooks for CP Press, allowed me the honor of putting out the coolest chap ever: 18 Blue Collar Abstractions. I’ve still never seen anything like it!

My point is, with these folks on board we can’t go wrong, but we do need more poems! So send in your work and live forever in the pages of nibble, issue 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or…

–So endeth the motivational post–


~ by nibblepoems on June 11, 2008.

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