Thanks, mom…


Alright gang, here it is.


Today is the official launch date of nibble.


Mark your calendar, tattoo it on your arm: July 14, 2008


Those of you kind enough to send your poetry and those of you wise enough to send your greenbacks will be greatly rewarded in the next few days. Keep checking that mailbox.


The advanced buzz is encouraging. Friends, family and that homeless guy in front of my work who sings songs from the 30’s and 40’s badly off key all think it looks fine and the poetry is wonderful.


Here are some quotes:


“Wow, looks great. I’ll read it tonight.”


“Look at that…nice.”


“Great stuff, but what’s with the bike?”


“You put that together in a hurry…but it looks pretty good. And the poetry is solid.”


“The poetry is short.”


“What no poems from the editor? Oh, sorry. Writer’s block?”


“I’ve actually heard of some of these people, most of these people.”


“What the f**k. Why don’t you publish something other than poetry? You know that s**t gives me a headache.”




Anyway, let us know what you think. Honestly.


FYI: Issue two is nearly full. Can you believe it? We are stunned by the number of quality submissions we have seen. Kudos to you, small press poet, kudos to you.


(Of course, now that we’ve written that on the website, it’ll be October before the thing comes out!)


~ by nibblepoems on July 14, 2008.

One Response to “Thanks, mom…”

  1. can’t wait for it to arrive. sent off my sub. money today…

    congrats on the new baby!

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