(you’ll probably want to send in that subscription $$ now, as issue #1 is almost sold out!)

nibble came in the mail today.  Some excellent work, and some people I have never read before that I hope to see more of in the future.
– richard krech
Got issue #1 today, read it in the john. Some solid stuff. Liked Cunningham’s “low rumble of poetry” and Kate Well’s “Monday.” Such a sharp image!
– steve bonham
I just got my copy of nibble. I am thrilled about:
the speed of production
the quality of poems
the quality of the issue
the communication from the publisher
getting to be in a publication with ed galing
– kate wells
thanks for the fresh hot copy of nibble. i like it a lot!!! you are off to a good start, and you will grow as time goes on. fresh, original and innovative. your words are very good.
– ed galing
hot damn, man…got the issue in the mail today!
and it’s gorgeous…really, i love the design, the poetry you chose is flipping awesome…i found some new names i didn’t know…all around a great mag….and a killer first issue…
hey, again, great issue man….well done..i’m honored as hell to have been in it, and better yet honored to have met you….
– justin.barrett
nibble arrived today
Nice choices, Jeff.
My favorites were towards the end.
Justin Hyde, mine (of course), Timothy Scannell and Ed Galing
– carl palmer
Just a quick “BADASS” re: Nibble#1
The thing sings man…some terrific poems contained therein.
A great read, & one I’m honored to be wedged in amongst!
Looking forward to the next!
– hosho mccreesh
yeah it’s a beaut.
just got mine today. the graziano poem is dandy, hell, there are a ton…
I’m gonna send jeff an email telling him he sucks though; don’t want him to get a big head…;)
– christopher cunningham
yeah…i’ve always liked graz.
definitely…jeff is starting to get all arrogant and shit…bring ‘im down to size, cc… 🙂
– justin.barrett

* these last two comments were captured from christopher cunningham’s blog  



~ by nibblepoems on July 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Reviews”

  1. first of all, there are too many bicycles. please limit future editions to no more than six.

    also, I’d like more obscurity in future poems, larger words and more arcane references. and cursing.

    and yellow isn’t really my favorite color.

    I’d also like photos of nate graziano’s hamster of the same name for the next cover.

  2. yellow = your letterhead, not the issue cover.

    which was also not my favorite color.

  3. And what, pray tell, Mr. Cunningham, is thine favourite colour?

  4. don’t have one, only non-favorites.

    but classy to ask, mr. nibble…

  5. non-favorite is also my favorite color. as are hatred, don’t like, abhor, and purple.
    stop with the pleasantries, cunningham. fleming’s nearly unbearable as it is (look how he spelled color)…can’t spell class without a-s-s! 🙂

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