Issue Two Review

some kind words:

Another fine showing–great editorial eye. That Father luke poem is one of my favorite poems of 2008! nibble is a strong, fast horse straight out of the gate! Fantastic stuff.
-Hosho McCreesh

just got issue 2 and it’s a monster.  love the father luke and the justin.barrett.  exceptional work from two incredible writers.  and the list of names in the issue is impressive ta boot.  great work.
– Christopher Cunningham

Good stuff between the covers. I especially enjoyed the poems of Alan Catlin and Hugh Fox.
– John Grey

Great issue. Great images by Christopher Cunningham. Enjoyed Richard Krech a lot.
– Michael Brownstein

the second issue of nibble arrived yesterday, and it’s every bit as good as the first. great poetry by christopher cunningham, Father Luke, Richard Krech, Christopher Robin and many more. great stuff.
– justin.barrett

Got the second bite of nibble today.  Quantum leap in production.  Keep it up. It is so fine to read poetry by someone you have heard read previously that you like.  Hugh Fox was out here in May for a series of readings we put on, and I can really hear him reading his sleep poem.  Keep on nibbling…
– Richard Krech

Thanks for #2.  Good show all around.
– Alan Catlin

Great selection of poems. I especially enjoyed “The Family Picture” by Doug Holder and “There were three of us that night” by Father Luke.
– Eric Burke


click on over to the ‘subscription’ page, order up a copy and decide for yourself.


~ by nibblepoems on August 20, 2008.

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