’tis the season to give…

so here we go:

nibble is giving away two subscriptions to Poetry magazine.

if you would like one of them, drop us an email (nibblepoems@gmail.com) and tell us why. we will pick our two favorite responses and those two will be the big winners.

please keep in mind that we will publish all or some of the responses.

contest closes December 9. winners will be announced on or about December 10.

just our way of saying thanks and glad you’re around.

–update 2:54 pm–

our first entry, just so you know what you are up against!

Dear Jeff Fleming of Nibble,
Since no one is disqualified from independently ordering a subscription to Poetry on their own, all people who apply for this subscription to Poetry (that you have so generously offered (you handsome devil) are equally unqualified. Consequently, the two winners will be unqualified to receive the prize. I could order a subscription of Poetry by cashing in on-line dollars that I’ve earned filling out surveys, but I would rather save them up and fly to Peru before they close Machu Picchu. Likewise, I could simply buy a subscription, but then I would have no money to spend while there—leaving me hungry and homeless and unhappy in the Andean rain. I refuse to let you reduce me to just another statistic.
Upon winning, I would read the first issue in the Dallas airport, then the rest after having my mom forward ensuing issues to my hostel dormitory in Cuzco; the inspiration and wonder aroused would be enough to challenge me in ways that I have never before encountered? Do you want to stifle the creativity of young artists? Every poem would be read from a mountain top by default. Is Nibble the kind of publication that prefers poetry to be read at sea-level or from mountain peaks into goat-filled dales? You must ask yourselves this question. I would feel like a winner and wake up smiling every morning, arousing joy out of local tribes and villagers from villages.
Were I to not be in the final two with another unqualified recipient, I would order a subscription to Poetry and never get the chance to read it. My mom cannot very well direct a magazine to whatever random Peruvian bridge trestle I happen to be under that day, now can she? Then she would start to worry about where her son is. She wouldn’t be able to call because my cell-phone doesn’t work outside of the U.S. She has a bad heart and may not survive the unsettling wonder of what has become of her youngest son—Lost—Scared—Alone. Even if she managed to get the issue to me, I would have to sew it into some sort of poncho to protect me from some of the harshest elements known to man. Imagine yourself as Joe “Andes” riding a sheep in your free time and a very tall man comes sulking towards you, drunk on failure, hopeless, and poorly groomed. Just imagine that for a little while.
Now, having demonstrated that I am just as unqualified as any other potential winner and that you not awarding me the subscription will result in more poverty, hunger, death and world-sadness, as well as me naked under a bridge trestle or draped in a very tacky Poetry raincoat;
I know you will do the right thing.
Patrick Ryan Dunn Sullivan


~ by nibblepoems on December 2, 2008.

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