more fun than a munkle of berries

we are already starting to get entries for our giveaway (see previous post below).

this is turning out to be even better than I imagined!  thank you, thank you, thanks.

check these out:

my need to be nibbled is so excruciating that I’m often seen on the street corner passing out poems, not just any poems but poems from your magazine, nibble. nibble is the best word taste plated. if I don’t get a free subscription I might do something radical like drink too much lemonade or toss dishes against red lights and then I might be arrested and I know you don’t want that. sending nibble magazine to a jail cell is not rational. please consider me before something terrible happens. the magazine will make my year, will make me happy and will nibble my ears.

if I get the magazine free I promise to write several reviews and post them on line.

Irene Koronas

Irene, I’m not giving away nibble, just Poetry.

dear santa, i dont really like poetry magazine all that much, but i do like apples, so please send me two apples. thank you. christopher robin


~ by nibblepoems on December 3, 2008.

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