And here we thought people would want to win Poetry magazine.

Dear Jeff Fleming:
This is an online outrage! You offer us “Poetry” when we desire “Nibble.” Nibble the tortillas with cactus flame and cheese. Nibble Annie’s fruit salsa and cinnamon chips. Somebody bring me a blood pressure kit and a brass fire extinguisher it’s all starting to ignite. There is no sanctuary of soft lights and free subscriptions. If I don’t get some “Nibble” I may break like dining car china. What are you trying to pull over my cyberspace eyes? Robert Johnson’s last fair deal hasn’t gone down-if I get the elusive “Nibble.”
David S. Pointer

once again we at nibble sell ourselves short. okay then.

the offer to give away two subscriptions to Poetry magazine has been withdrawn.

we are now giving away five (5) free subscriptions to nibble.

so there.


~ by nibblepoems on December 4, 2008.

One Response to “oops…”

  1. i think that the ideas expressed about nibble are well said and well taken, and that the subject is closed. but i like that nibble offered subscriptions to poetry magazine. supporting literary magazines other that nibble by nibble was a grand idea.

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