you can’t do that!

i mean there aren’t any laws or civil codes, but you can’t offer Poetry and then change your mind!

it’s just wrong. you promised two subscriptions to Poetry and you have to see that through. don’t be such a dufuss.


and you still have to give away five subscriptions to nibble. you can’t back out on that either!


yes, really. you said you would and what if you don’t? what will people think? they’ll think you aren’t a man of your word, that’s what. and in this game, your word is half of what you’ve got!


so, we’re giving out two free subscriptions to Poetry (contest deadline is 12/9). we’re also, apparently, giving out five subscriptions to nibble (context deadline 12/19).

so, shoot us an email telling us why you think YOU should get one or the other or both.




~ by nibblepoems on December 8, 2008.

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