this came today:

To:  Jeff Fleming
From:  Robert M. Zoschke
Dear Jeff…if only each trip to the mail box brought a gem like your indelible publication, nibble 4th bit, which a dear cohort sent to me today.  Wow, Jeff.  Stellar work.  Congratulations.  And keep on keeping on.  It’s been a long time (since T. Kilgore Splake retired from CLIFFS Soundings as a matter of fact) since I’ve come upon a publication where I felt the editor’s choices and the structure of his work left something in my hands that was splendid cover to cover.  nibble 4th bit is indeed that.  I’m impressed, man.  And thankful and heartfelt moved after reading it.  And.  And And And And And.  So sweet and cool and true blue nice to see a piece of Dave Church’s work in it.  Dave and I got to be friends when I was proud to have him submit work to my Kerouac Tribute Anthology and I was proud to have his work be part of the book.  Like everyone who was tight with him in the craft, I join the list of people who miss him dearly.  Always rewarding to read Catlin’s work, and I extra special cherish the places where I’ve been published with him tween the covers.  I don’t want to ramble on too long, I’m sure you’re busy, but I must say I devour that stellar piece by Aleathia Drehmer you put in nibble four too.  I dig this gem of yours and would love to be a published part of it.  Your Cohort in the Craft, RMZ

thank you RMZ and thank you mentioning Dave Church and his sad passing. you speak for us all on that score.
– ed.


~ by nibblepoems on January 16, 2009.

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