in an effort to increase our readership and line our pockets with the money of the poetry loving masses, we have decided to turn to advertising.

but first we need a slogan.  here are some that our crack staff have come up with, feel free to pick your favorite or send us your own brilliant ideas.

  1. a nibble is forever
  2. i’ve seen the future and it’s nibble-shaped
  3. who would you have a nibble with?
  4. i’m only here for the nibble
  5. you press the nibble, we do the rest
  6. nibble – it looks good on you
  7. something special in the nibble
  8. go crack a nibble
  9. nibble goes straight to your head
  10. watch out, there’s a nibble about

~ by nibblepoems on February 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “advertising”

  1. Get bit! nibble

  2. This space for rent.

    – –
    Father Luke

  3. How about

    bite my nibble.
    It feels so good.

  4. don’t be a moran; read nibble

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