poetry slammed

from the “letters to the editor” section of Poetry magazine:

Dear Editor,

Treemont Retirement Community has a poetry study group that meets every week. We have studied individual poets and their works, processed every word of An Introduction to Poetry, worked our way through The Best Poems of the English Language, and read Garrison Keillor’s collections. So naturally I felt that a subscription to Poetry would provide the group with some stimulating discussion.

As it turns out, we cannot make head or tail out of your selected “poems.” We agree that there is no rhyme and very little reason—only phrases, snatches of words or thoughts in random order, with very little cohesion. The poems are neither enjoyable nor enlightening.

We feel that we are giving Poetry a fair trial, but are dismayed to think that this magazine represents the best of modern poetry.

Alice Pillsbury
Houston, Texas

dear alice,

f * * k Poetry magazine.

you want to read the best of modern poetry?  look to the small press, read nibble, check out the GPP and buy books from Propaganda Press.

now, who can handle the truth?


~ by nibblepoems on February 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “poetry slammed”

  1. oh! nice.

  2. Uh. Why didn’t you send them a subscription to Nibble?

    Jeff? If you still have back copies, email me. I will pay to have them sent to these guys, along with a subscription.

    – –
    Father Luke

  3. It would be nice to think there was room in the poetic world for more than either just language poetry or Garrison Keillor. Difficulty does not have to mean obscurity, necessarily. And nursery rhymes are generally given up by children when they comprehend something more of the world.

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