poetry slammed – part two

on february 20, we posted a letter written to the editors of Poetry magazine by alice pillsbury, activities director of treemont retirement community.  in response to her poetry 911, we sent along a copy of nibble.   here is the letter we received today:

Dear Jeff:

Thank you so much for sharing your delightful collection of poems.

The response to my/our letter has been amazing. We have heard from poets in St. Paul, Duluth, New York, etc.  All are of the same opinion regarding the content of Poetry Magazine, and all feel that there is plenty of good poetry out there in print and also waiting to be discovered

We will read the poems at our weekly session this week, and I am sure there will be some lively discussion, especially about “Monday” and the egg shells.  Is there a particular reason why there are so few upper case letters?

And perhaps you can help our understanding as to why lines are separated in what appears to be random fashion. Are we to pause at each break? Or maybe we don’t need to know…

Anyway – thanks for sharing and also for the biographies.  We find them especially interesting and always read them aloud.

Best wishes from all of us,

Alice Pillsbury


alice is of course referring “Monday” by kate wells, a fantastic poem from the first issue of nibble.  

(most people don’t own it)


~ by nibblepoems on March 12, 2009.

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