power to the people

our editor’s latest idea:

nibble compiles a list of willing poets who want to see their work in an interesting and unusual version of a poetry magazine.

we then mail out a single blank copy of nibble.  you write a poem in it, any poem:  new, used, old, doesn’t matter as long as it is your poem.  you will then contact nibble via email and we will give you the name of the poet who you will mail it to next. 

this will continue until all the pages are full.  once full, the last poet will mail it back to nibble headquarters.

nibble will then make 50 copies of this issue.  each poet will get a copy and the rest will be for sale to the folks who are quick enough to snap them up.

oh – somewhere along the line, one of these poets should doodle something on the cover.

if you are interested in taking part in this project, please contact us via email (nibblepoems@gmail.com).  send us your name, mailing address and your commitment to seeing your portion of this project through in a timely manner.  poet’s should be able to complete their poem and forward the nibble to the next poet within 5 days.

 we will start a list, maybe 25 or 30 poets max.   once the list is ready, we will mail out the blank nibble.


~ by nibblepoems on March 18, 2009.

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