have you had your nibble?

Hi Jeff,

I just got # 6 in the mail.  You keep on putting out good work at a prodigious rate – yes!

Richard Krech

Thanks Richard!

Got the new nibble. Love the photo on yr return address. Made me laugh.

So, the first issue without me finally appears. It was only a matter of time. Actually, i still appear in the contrib. section. 🙂


justin.barrett is the dot-bomb!

Those of you not getting a copy of #6 can order one through our subscription page. We’re going to clean house here, try to sell these extra copies as quickly as possible.

So if you use Paypal or send CASH, we will offer you issue #6 at the discounted rate of $3 (usa only, other countries please add$1).

(This offer is also good for any contributors who want to order extra copies.)


~ by nibblepoems on March 29, 2009.

One Response to “have you had your nibble?”

  1. Hey, just wanted to ask, what’s the best way to pay for #6 if I’m in Australia and don’t have paypal?

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