this just in…

a few kind words:

got your book, man…and it’s marvelous…leah did a great job putting it together…

it was so great to re-read those poems. each one is a little masterpiece. beautiful work. the ones about your family are aching…

– justin.barrett


got your new book; it’s fucking great man.  very moving stuff, quite heartfelt and at times, heart-wrenching, sad and beautiful.  the images are uncommon and the layers of each piece are quiet and stirring at the same time.  the cover sings and the whole thing is a treat. 

well done sir.

– christopher cunningham

BONES OF SAINTS UNDER GLASS…is simply fantastic. Wow. I really enjoyed the book, some really moving pieces in it. Well done man, well done.

– Hosho McCreesh

We send our Congratulations to you, Jeff, your poems are wonderful!

One of my favorite poems  is ‘Swimming in Beauty and Light,’ but they are all beautiful.  Jeff, please keep writing.  Question: When/how do you ever find time?, alone, deep in the night under the bathroom light?

– Richard & Cindy Grubb

you haven’t bought one yet?  geez…what are you going to do?


and then shoot us an email letting us know you did (  we will then send you a free copy of nibble number six.


we will.

for free.

~ by nibblepoems on April 9, 2009.

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