psst…have you heard?

due to overwhelming feelings of good will (okay, love) toward those poets who have appeared in nibble and our understanding that in these f*cked up economic times it can be hard to justify buying poetry, we have lowered the price for contributor’s copies to $3 each. 

yes, you still get one copy for free.

but now you can stock up on what one staffer calls “bragging copies.”  this price change is good on all past issues, so if your poetry appeared in issue number one and you’ve spilled coffee on it or read it until it’s a folded, mangled mess, you can stock up on fresh clean copies for only $3 each. 

take a stack to your next high school reunion or family get together and show those non-believers that you are SOMEBODY.  you are (mildly) FAMOUS.  a Published POET.  


SHHH – there is a rumor going around the nibble office that we are in some heavy negotiations with a major player ($$$$).  if these negotiations prove successful, it will allow us to lower the subscription rate for nibble. 


we don’t want to risk having this deal fall apart.


~ by nibblepoems on April 15, 2009.

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