a brief (?) missive from our editor

a little background: I graduated from michigan state university with a ba in english. despite my best efforts, the college of arts and letters has managed to track me to my current address.  not quite sure how they have done this.  I suspect they are in bed with the c.i.a.


two quick observations from flipping (quickly) through the latest muses: a magazine of the college of arts and letters:

1. some poor bastard from the department of philosophy is named daniel steel. think it’s hard to be taken seriously in your field with that moniker?

2. damn but academia can surely suck the soul out of art.  any kind of art.  all the time.  all day long.

how about a little bonus observation?  sure.  

3. thank the gods we have six (f*cking 6!) pages full of the names (in tiny print) of the sorry dipsh*ts who have donated to the college of arts and letters.  think these poor saps were aspiring writers who couldn’t get into a magazine without paying their way in? no….I don’t either.  really, I’m sure they are just self-less good samaritans…

let us shout to the rooftops the names eli and edythe broad who gave somewhere between 10 and 15 MILLION dollars.  yes, million. good thing we have that world hunger problem licked!  and the aids crisis in africa?  apparently solved, because we can think of nothing better to do with our MILLIONS than give them to the college of arts and letters of michigan state university.

now don’t get me wrong.  I’m thankful that they didn’t give the money directly to the football team, but come on, you know the big wigs at msu are looking at that number and thinking, “maybe we should underfund the english dept this year, maybe just $10 or $15 million. I’m sure they can make it up in other ways…”


that soapbox got tall fast.

~ by nibblepoems on April 22, 2009.

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