problem at the printer

got a call from the printing house where we have nibble done.  seems that the latest batch of issue number six was completed in the last few hours and is ready for pick up.  the conversation went a little like this:

them: your print job is ready!
nibble: uh, what?
them: your print job.  it’s ready.  sorry it took so long, some kinda mix-up, but it says here you prepaid.  so it’s all set and ready to pick up.
nibble: uh…what…I mean, ok, be right there.

you see, we had that job printed back in march, but it seems the job order was never stamped COMPLETED.  some enterprising your copy clerk found it (who knows where), saw how “late” the job was in getting done, and put a rush order on it.

so what, right?

well, let me tell you so what.  we suddenly have basically free copies of nibble number six.  and we want to get rid of them. 

here’s the deal: send us a buck (cash or paypal – $1) OR a postage paid 6 x 9 envelope with at least $0.60 in postage and we’ll send you issue six.

supplies are limited, so act fast.  once these “freebies” are gone, the price goes back up to $4 (or $3 ifyou have a poem in that issue).


~ by nibblepoems on April 22, 2009.

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