it’s a good news/bad news kinda thing…

some comments on the latest nibble:

Jeff – Great issue.  Especially liked Justin Hyde’s.
– alan catlin

The 7th bite came the other day and it keeps looking better and better.  And I like the breadth of your selection of poets.
– richard krech

clearly this is the good news… so what’s the bad news?

issue number seven of nibble is sold out.

here’s  a little piece of advice: get yourself a subscription.  issue seven is gone, history, done and if you didn’t pre-order it, you’ll never see it.

and that sucks for you.


seven was a great one.  just ask anybody who got it.  seriously.  go ask.  we’ll wait…

see.  told you.  now you’re bummin’, right?


~ by nibblepoems on May 11, 2009.

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