i don’t suppose you’ve heard…

about The Bones of Saints Under Glass:

Just returned from a business trip from Chicago and had The Bones of Saints Under Glass waiting for me. $5 was not enough to pay for this book. I stole it. Thanks for sharing it with me. So much good stuff here but I think “Every Saturday Night” and “Swimming in Beauty and Light” are my stand outs. The former due to its crystal clear imagery and unique plot. The latter because it made me cry. Thanks dude. You did some great work here.
– Todd Hohauser

Click here to read a review by the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

Jeff has become one of the freshest voices in the small press.
– Father Luke

Really digging your new chap…Joie is too, I bought one for her too…amazing to see her kids taking a shine to particular pome tomes in your book…Joie is reading it aloud to them…her daughter’s raving fave happens to be mine– “The Youngest One Stopped.”   I really dig “Ratchet”…charmingly reminds me of the old South Side of Chi Town relatives in the Old Neighborhood when I was a boy.  “Swimming in Beauty and Light” is a heartfelt gem.  Lots to really get into and dig dig dig in your new one.  Congrats.
– Robert M. Zoschke

Click here to read what Upright Against the Savage Heavens has to say

I just finished your chapbook. Man, it’s great. I loved, “The Youngest One Stopped,” and the “Orphan” poems. You are a master of ending the poem at just the right point. Thanks for the read!
– Jason Fisk

damn fine collection. and the cover really is all that.
– justin.barrett

Click here to buy The Bones of Saints Under Glass.


~ by nibblepoems on May 14, 2009.

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