eight questions with jeff fleming

(this, in all likelyhood, will be the final eight.  it was fun while it lasted.) 

jeff fleming is the editor of nibble.  he is on facebook and has a blog (that you really shouldn’t read) HERE.  if you google him you will get some weirdo in montana who carves bears out of tree stumps.  also a motivational speaker who calls himself “jeff fleming the humor guy” though we don’t see anything funny about him or what he does.

and now, eight questions with jeff fleming:

What is your role in the small press?

I edit a little poetry magazine.  We have a small, but loyal following.  I write poetry as well, in bits and bursts.  I occasionally send it off for publication and, now and again, have some success. 

What is one thing people should know about you?

I don’t like to share, but strangely enough I do play well with others. 

What are you working on right now that has you excited?

nibble.  My own poetry can be frustrating and maddening at times, but I can always put on my editor’s hat and things seem to get better.  I have fun reading submissions, piecing together every issue, choosing a cover image…the nuts and bolts stuff is fun.  I even like production and mailing.  I love logging on to the nibble email and seeing new names and familiar names and just diving in.  Plus, recently mailed off issue eight and  that always gives me a goofy smile and puts a spring in my step for while.

I’m still very excited about The Bones of Saints Under Glass.  Though I’m not really working on it “right now,” I’m still pushing it, mentioning it whenever I can.  I’ve gotten such wonderful comments on it, both from people I know and complete strangers.  It’s rather intoxicating.

Name one thing you wish you had.

It would be cool to have enough money to support myself and my family while making nibble my one and only “job.”  I wish I could commit myself to poetry more fully.  Losing seven hours a day to a job-job seems a small tragedy.   

Name one thing you have that you could do without.

Aches and pains.  Whining.  Petty bullshit.  Pointless complaining.  Reality shows.  TV in general.  Slow Internet connections.  Work.  Bills.  Death.  Sadness.  Insufficient time to sleep.  Sales tax.  New wrinkles. Anal fissures. Surprising grey hairs.  Birthdays.  Hallmark holidays.  Telephone calls from people I don’t have any interest in talking to.  The calories in beer (seriously, can’t we fix this?  They have Coke with no calories!). 

Oh, did you say “one thing.”  My bad. 

Who is your favorite small press poet?

leah angstman.  I love her stuff.  I often read poets who write deeply emotional poetry and clearly put their heart on the page with no filter.  I thoroughly enjoy poets who really understand the craft and can turn a phrase that startles me in the most wonderful ways.  leah is one of the few poets in the small press who can do both simultaneously. 

Name one small press poetry mag, other than nibble, that everyone should read?

Hmm…who wrote this question? It needs some work. 

If I were to name only one, I would say nibble, but I can’t so…do I cheat (like most people) and name two or three or do I stick to the letter of the law?

Ok…I’ll name just one, but this question is seriously flawed.

Everyone should read Right Hand Pointing.  They consistently publish great, short poetry and their website is orange.  It’s a win-win. 

Where do you want to see your own poetry?

Every night, my kids (ages 4 & 6) each pick a book as their “bedtime book.” One night they both picked The Bones of Saints Under Glass. They laughed in the right parts and were quietly respectful when the poems were serious. It doesn’t really get any better than that.

Ok, Mister Editor, what’s up with issue nine of nibble?  why are you hiding it from the rest of the staff?  what’s the big mystery?

Sorry, that’s more than eight questions. 

here is jeff’s one contribution to nibble:

in bed
this morning
her foot
nestled beneath
my knee

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~ by nibblepoems on July 10, 2009.

7 Responses to “eight questions with jeff fleming”

  1. Plus, recently mailed off issue eight

    Which I throughly enjoyed.

    We miss your announcements at Mary.

    Be well.

    – –

    Father Luke

  2. nice. well done.
    great answers.
    #9 is still a mystery.

  3. who is jeff fleming?

  4. the real question is, who isn’t jeff fleming?

  5. that’s easy. i’m not. at all.
    well…maybe a little. but, aren’t we all a little Jeff Fleming from time to time?

  6. I’m Jeff Fleming. And I approve these messages.

    – –
    Father Luke

  7. awww, shucks… what do i say to that?

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