blank nibble reminder

if you are on the list of those who will be contributing to the “power to the people” (PTTP) issues, please read this post carefully:

you will be receiving the blank nibble from another poet.  it will NOT be coming from nibble headquarters.  so please, DO NOT MAIL IT BACK TO THE ADDRESS YOU RECEIVED IT FROM!

instead, contact nibble at and let us know you are done writing your poem.  at that time we will email to you the address of the next poet.  please mail the blank nibble to that address.

thank you.

ps – while we apprectiate the fact that some folks are sending the blank nibble overnight or next day, this is not necessary.  not trying to talk you out of the idea, just want you to understand that it isn’t required.


~ by nibblepoems on July 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “blank nibble reminder”

  1. if i happen to find one in my mailbox, i’m gonna take a crayon to one of the pages and mail it to a random person in Iowa via media mail. you can’t stop me…

    • perhaps we cannot stop you, but we can send our crack team of ninjas to rearrange your furniture while you are sleeping.

      you will bark your shin so bad in the morning when you run into that one coffee table they move from your living room to the hall just outside your bedroom door!

  2. hmmm….good point.
    on second thought, i’m going to mail the nibble to Iowa anyway, then set up a Ninja Defense Force of ferocious and nimble parrots. Your ninjas, though terrifying, are no match for bloodthirsty parrots!

    • it’s too late. they’ve already broken into your house and replaced everything you own with an exact copy!

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