hi everybody…

your friendly neighborhood small press poetry magazine editor here.

how’s it going?  having a good summer?

sweet.  glad to hear it.

doing any writing?  a little?  that’s ok.  I mean, it is summer, right?  so no pressure…take it easy…write a little here and there, hit the beach or the pool, roast up some wieners, eat some s’mores.

cuz it’s not like somebody is waiting around for you to craft some brilliant poems… 

I’m sure the folks at your favorite small press poetry magazine are totally taking the summer off as well.  they are NOT at this very moment sitting in front of their computers agonizing over the challenge of putting together a collection of the best short poems in all the small press.  I can clearly hear them not agonizing right now.

can you hear it?

yeah?  you hear it too? 

good.  then it’s not just me.


I got dibs on the JetSki.


~ by nibblepoems on August 11, 2009.

One Response to “hi everybody…”

  1. gimme a minute, damn.

    these poems don’t write themselves, you know.

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