we are four good poems away from wrapping up issue number nine.

the art department is ahead of the game and has put together the cover early…laid out the whole thing…now we just need our editor to find four more incredible poems and we can plug them right in.

can you just feel it?

it’s the little tingle that comes before the excitement that is brought on by some great and brilliant new thing coming into your life.

we feel it every issue.

and we’re starting to feel it for number nine.

yeah, yeah, yeah…

you’re right, we can’t end this post without a plug, so here it is:

this is a great time, the best time, to order a copy of number nine (or a whole frickin’ subscription).  issue nine is going to be special.


probably the best one yet.

no kidding.

no hyperbole.

we truly believe it.  and we know you well enough to know that you really don’t want to miss out on this one.  honest.


have a great weekend.

find five minutes to drop $4 in the mail for a copy of issue nine, which is coming soon!

Jeff Fleming, Editor
1714 Franklin St. #100-231
Oakland, CA 946112


~ by nibblepoems on August 14, 2009.

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