9th bite launch

today is the official launch date of nibble nine.

so…if you’re in it or you paid for it or if we really, really like you a whole lot, then a copy of it is sitting in a mailbox on the corner of webster and 20th with your name on the envelope…

wait…nope, it’s after 4pm pacific time so your copy of nibble nine is probably sitting in a usps truck right now.

maybe that truck is rolling toward the post office right this very minute.  or maybe it’s idling in traffic or at a curb while our faithful usps mail carrier unloads another mailbox…

oh god, we at nibble are furthering global warming in our own small way!  maybe we should become an online magazine instead…


by the way, we’re not going to waste any more space telling you that if you aren’t getting this issue you’re missing out on a great issue and you should order one asap…

blah, blah, blah. 

we’re just not going to do it. 

not this time.

~ by nibblepoems on September 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “9th bite launch”

  1. Speaking of the usps, has anyone else noticed what seems like a more lax dress code for their employees these days? No one is tucking in their shirt any more… And forget regulation pants…

  2. the dude who delivers my mail doesn’t even drive a real USPS, nor wear anything resembling a uniform; just shorts and a t-shirt. and this is in a large development. weird.

    looking forward to #9, Jeff…

  3. My letter carrier is reading my mail and deciding
    which is important enough to deliver.

    I’m afraid I had a few ripe words to use when I found out.

    – –
    Father Luke

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