blank nibble update 091009

the blank nibbles (also known as the “power to the people” nibbles or pttp) are currently in san francisco, ca and waynesville, nc.

pttp volume one took a month long vacation somewhere in connecticut, but it’s back on track now and (we hope) in the hands of its 12th poet of 25. 

this volume will also suffer from jetlag (and further delays, we are sure) when it goes global for its last six poets.  planned stopovers include australia, england, scotland, and germany.

volume two, having taken no such breaks, is in the hands of its 19th poet out of 26. 

having no international addresses on its itinerary, this volume should arrive back at nibble headquarters well ahead of its sibling.  once it reaches us safely, we will begin the duplication process and let you know how to order this masterpiece.


~ by nibblepoems on September 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “blank nibble update 091009”

  1. i’m sure i’ve mentioned this before, but i really really really (really) like this idea. i can’t wait to see what they both bring.

  2. me too, keen to see the international one hit oz

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