first ever nibble poetry competition rules

here are the basics:

  1. you may send as many poems as you like.
  2. all poems must meet the strict line limits of any other issue of nibble.
  3. poems must be previously unpublished.
  4. poems may be simultaneous submissions (if you must).
  5. we will publish only one poem per poet, the one we like best.
  6. these collected poems will appear in the “first ever nibble poetry competition” issue.
  7. this issue will be published on (or around) the 11th day of 2010.
  8. the deadline for sending in your poetry will be dec 9th.
  9. you will send us an entry fee, per poem, to be determined by you.
  10. the winner will receive either a cash prize or a not new 30gb i-pod, whichever he/she chooses.
  11. the first runner up will receive whatever the winner did not chose as his/her prize.
  12. the cash prize will be the difference between the entry fee total and the cost of producing and mailing the issue.
  13. the second runner up will receive a subscription to nibble.
  14. you will send all entries via snailmail to our new address.
  15. our new address is: jeff fleming, 1714 franklin st. #100-231, oakland, ca 94612
  16. do not bother with a sase, as we will not be mailing anything back to you.
  17. please include your name, address and email on each page, as we will notify the winners via email and will mail the prizes via the usps.
  18. any entries sent via email will be deleted.  immediately.
  19. you will send cash or a money order only (payable to jeff fleming).
  20. personal checks will not be accepted.
  21. please explain (in brief) the logic behind the amount of your entry fee.
  22. each poet published in the competition issue will receive a copy of said issue.

feel free to email us with any questions.

and let the games begin!


~ by nibblepoems on October 6, 2009.

One Response to “first ever nibble poetry competition rules”

  1. intriguing. such a weird contest…i like it.
    oh, and i didn’t realize you moved.

    are we now the Franklin-Sun Collaborative? 😉

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