we’re number 2!

competition entry number two arrived in our mailbox on friday. 

four more poems and another crisp twenty dollar bill.

can’t wait to check the mail today…how many more entries will we find?

oh wait!  it’s christopher columbus/indigenous people’s day!  is the usps working today?  hold on a sec…

we just checked their website and we don’t see a list of holiday closures, but we did learn that the usps is losing bucket loads money.  some interesting numbers from their 2008 annual report:

income from operation: -2,806,000,000
net capital:  -1,672,000,000
debt: 7,200,000,000

 wow, that’s a lot of zeros.

we blame the woes of the usps on all those e-zines. 

you know who you are.


~ by nibblepoems on October 12, 2009.

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