tweet, tweet

yes, like every other idiot…er….uh…technologically advanced humanoid out there, we are now tweeting.

so, like every other <ahem> technologically advanced humanoid out there, you should follow us on twitter.

just search: nibblepoems

it’s riveting…truly.

seriously though, we plan on posting stuff on twitter that you can’t read anywhere else.

same with facebook.

so you should follow our tweets and become a fan on facebook.

you’ll thank us later.

much later, yes, but thank us you will.


~ by nibblepoems on October 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “tweet, tweet”

  1. I got an invitation to be your facebook “friend”, Jeff. I do not like these games. I have left you alone since you asked me to, so give me the same respect.

    • Well, technology strikes again. We linked our email address to Facebook and invited all 211 people to become our nibble friends. Didn’t take the time to look and see who was in there, just invited everyone.

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