that’s a lot of zeros

now things are getting interesting.

in the mailbox today was a letter containing an entry into the nibble poetry competition.   along with the expected poems was a single bill of foreign currency.

the amount? 100,000,000,000,000 (Z$).

no, we are not kidding.  it’s a legitimate bill in the amount of One Hundred Trillion Dollars.  seems inflation in Zimbabwe was running in the area of 230,000,000% recently.  honestly, we can’t get our heads around either one of those numbers, but it was fun for a moment to handle such a bill and comtemplate the possiblity of walking into a bank with it:

nibble: yes, we’d like to exchange this for u.s. dollars.

bank teller: uh…uh…um…well…uh…uh…I think…I think I better get my manager.

nibble: sure, we’ll wait.

the bottom line: we have no idea what this thing is worth (quite likely nothing), but it will be included with the other prize money, once we have a winner.

it’s a goofy little conversation piece.  can’t wait to show it to my kids.  that’ll be fun.

~ by nibblepoems on October 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “that’s a lot of zeros”

  1. sly fox that one…

    i know someone who has 10 of them framed and hung on his wall. beautiful. he also has a 50 Trillion Dollar note and a 10 Trillion Dollar note. those last two aren’t all the spectacular, relatively speaking.

    • Where did you get them? And why? And what are the odds these things become worth something again?

  2. 1) ebay
    2) because they’re cool, and they make great gifts
    3) 0 (or less). inflation rarely reverses, and when it does, all the money has to be bought back

    i think they’re cool and they really do make for a nice wall hanging. strippers think i’m a high roller, too, when i start handing out trillion dollar bills….

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