competition entry

today we received a $2 bill as the entry fee into the competition along with a letter that reads:

enclosed is a $2 bill. Logic: 1. Our lease is expiring next week and we don’t yet have a place to go, so my wife and three sons and I may be homeless for a while.  I would have loved sending more money, not only because it’ll help nibble more, but because it would mean I have more money than I do now.  2. I still want the contest to be a success.  So I’m sending something that’s a bit more than just two dollars–it’s a $2 BILL. I’ve had it since I was five years old.  3. I suspect you would hesitate to put this in the bank…the winner will be pleasantly surprised that it’s a $2 BILL.  4. In the remote event that I actually win the contest, I’ll reclaim my $2 bill instead of the iPod, not least because I am deaf…

alright, that makes sense.  so now the winner of the competition will receive, at the very least, a $2 bill and a $100,000,000,000,000 bill if they chose the cash option.

so that ain’t too bad.

the crack minds in our accounting department have come up with an estimate of what they believe the cash prize will be based on some complicated math involving projected number of entrants, average entry fee and cost of producing the competition issue.  here is their estimate:

$7.4 million

they admit, however, that this figure might just be in Zimbabwe dollars.


~ by nibblepoems on October 26, 2009.

One Response to “competition entry”

  1. oooh, i like the sounds of winning a 7.4 million dollar contest. awesome.

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