excellent question re: our competition

one of our nibblers posted the question below and we thought it deserved a good, full answer.

Hey, I want to enter the contest. In fact, I just sent some work for general publication. Seriously, on my copy of Poe’s Complete Works, I have a disability and am surviving by the graces of my family. Can I enter the contest without fee. I already have an iPod and I’d drink the money away, so if I don’t take a prize purse, can I still put a piece into the mix? When Uncle Sam finally gives me my check, I’ll support this publication then. Or I could put some change in an envelope.

well, this is a tricky one.  the point of an entry fee is that the money covers the cost of producing this special issue and allows us to reward the best poem by giving the poet a small sum of money.  if we allow poets to enter without paying any kind of fee then we end up with an issue that loses money and a contest that has absolutely no teeth.  we have a winner who doesn’t get a prize and we are left with little desire to ever repeat such a contest.

however, when crafting the rules of this contest, we wanted to do something a little different and in doing so we invited folks to determine their own entry fee.

we’ve painted ourselves into a corner.

we would ask that every entry have some sort of fee.  you can be creative (as was the poet who sent a worthless bit of foreign currency from Zimbabwe) and maybe the “fee” doesn’t have to be cash, but there needs to be something.  so be creative, surprise us.  make this poetry competition unique if not well funded.

if you can afford to send actual u.s. currency, we would ask that you please do so.

~ by nibblepoems on October 31, 2009.

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