fire up the presses!

we have some exciting projects in the works!

we are branching out a little with some speical books of poetry, in addition to the usual numbered issues of nibble.

most folks know about power to the people volume one and two.  for those of you who don’t, here’s a quick summary: we mailed out two blank copies of nibble and asked poets to hand write a poem and then mail it on to the next poet on the list.  we recruited 51 poets to take part. 

when we get them back home, we will photocopy the handwritten masterpieces and mail a copy out to each and every participant.  we will also offer copies for sale.

another project that we are excited about is a series of books focusing on poets we have published in the past.  these books will feature four poets each, will allow them to blow past our usual length limit and also include a short essay of sorts about the craft. 

by now everyone has heard about our first ever competition.  if not, you can learn more by clicking the link to the right, up top, titled 1st ever competition

we have a some super secret projects in the works as well.  but if you want to know more about these in advance, you’ll have to follow us on twitter (nibblepoems) or become a fan on facebook (click the link to the right).  we suggest both.

it’s a busy time here at nibble, but we always welcome your submissions of poetry for our regular issues.  that is our focus.  our first love.


~ by nibblepoems on November 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “fire up the presses!”

  1. I like the new direction. I gotta say I’m intrigued by the new series of four poets. Very cool idea. Will the essays be by you, or by each of the four poets?

  2. Yes. I am VERY excited about this project. The first book is already in process (which is to say the four poets have been…convinced to take part). At the moment, the plan is for three poems and one essay from each poet.

  3. Cool. looking forward to it.

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