you guys publish chaps?

no.  not really.

but we will be putting out a short collection of poetry in the next few days


we are going to offer a bunch of copies for free, twenty-five in fact.


in order to get one of the free copies, you have to follow us on twitter and be one of the first 25 people to respond via email with a special code word that we will tweet later this week.

make sense?  no?  well, here’s what you need to do:

  1. follow us on twitter at: nibblepoems
  2. keep an eye out for a tweet from us in the next few days
  3. respond via email ( with the special code word that’s in the tweet.  also send us your mailing address.
  4. wait for a free book of poetry to come in the mail or order one once the details have been made public.
  5. enjoy the book of poetry!

it’s just that easy.

if, for some reason, we have extra free copies that are not snatched up by our twitter peeps, we will offer them to folks who are facebook fans of nibble.  if you aren’t one, you can click the ‘nibble on my face(book)’ link on this here page.

good luck to all and remember, no matter what happens, we think you’re a winner.


~ by nibblepoems on November 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “you guys publish chaps?”

  1. not only might you think i’m a winner.
    but i really am a winner. for reals.

    it’s such a good feeling walking around this world as a winner. all you losers should give it a try.
    it’s awesome.

  2. j.b is indeed a winner. I’ve seen his trophy.

    it makes me feel even more like a loser.

    thanks for that, jerks.

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