falling up

nibble is publishing a chapbook of new poetry by jeff fleming.

some reader responses:

wow. simply blew me away.

– (Falling up)… is an amazing piece of work. Beautiful and tender…involving from the outside in…there is distance from the characters at the start but a subtle evolution in a short amount of pages. It made the fact that I have to go to work tonight…okay…now I have something to think about. Great work.

– the tales of petra and paolo are so vivid; makes me wish there were more…

– thanks for the chap…good stuff

falling up (with full-color cover) is available now for just $3.  you can order via PayPal on this website (click ‘subscriptions’) or by sending $3 to:

jeff fleming
1714 franklin st.
suite 100-231
oakland, ca 94612


~ by nibblepoems on November 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “falling up”

  1. received this last night. i would agree with all the above. here’s more:

    it’s tight. concise. it’s NOT poetry. it’s a lyrical tale with poetic language, but a decidedly short story feel. I suppose it doesn’t really matter what the style is called as long as it’s called good (which it is).

    glad to own it.

    but, it appears you made one minor mistake: you didn’t inscribe my copy, dude? you’re just forcing me to visit SF again to get it signed. i might just do it…

    don’t make me…

  2. Hey J.B.,

    I guess you’ll just have to buy another copy (with full-color cover) if you want one inscribed. Or you could come back out here…whatever you think would be a better value.

  3. hmmm…decisions, decisions.
    didn’t know there was a full-color cover version. how much? are you sure you’ll inscribe it? though, a flight out to SF isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even if it is more expensive.

  4. Hey J.B.,

    $3 for Falling Up (including the full-color cover AND we’ll have somebody forge my signature FOR FREE!!!).

  5. $3 you say? that’s a steal.
    and a forged sig to boot? hot damn….funds soon.

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