new book available now

nibble has published a chapbook of new poetry by jeff fleming called Falling Up.  some folks were kind enough to write in with their comments, reactions, and thoughts:

– It’s tight. concise. it’s NOT poetry. it’s a lyrical tale with poetic language, but a decidedly short story feel. I suppose it doesn’t really matter what the style is called as long as it’s called good (which it is).

– I loved it.

– I was very touched by the book. I loved the structure – one poem as an entire chapter highlighted the ability of poetry to act as a “condensation of language.” Cool.

– What a nice surprise.

– Thanks for ‘falling up’…chapter breaks very effective…the necessary ’sigh’…the foreshadowing, ‘turn-to-come’…kind of ‘a clean well-lighted place’…

– Glad to own it.


Falling Up (with full-color cover) is available now for just $3.  you can order via PayPal on this website (click ’subscriptions’) or simply send $3 to:

jeff fleming
1714 franklin st.
suite 100-231
oakland, ca 94612


~ by nibblepoems on December 1, 2009.

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