tis the season

tis the season when anyone and everyone who has something to sell is desperately trying to convince you that their product would “make a great gift.”  we’ve gotten many spammy emails telling us that some journal/magazine would be a wonderful surprise stocking stuffer.

no, it wouldn’t.

who dreams of dumping out their stocking on x-mas morning and seeing poetry? 

well…we do, but we’re just really disturbingly bizarre that way…


the point is, we’re not going to send you an email telling you how a subscription to nibble would be an amazing holiday gift cuz we’re pretty sure it isn’t true.

you should buy nibble for yourself because you love it and it’s wonderful and you deserve it.

but for christmas?  chanukah?  kwanza?


maybe festivus…

and now, the airing of grievances!


~ by nibblepoems on December 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “tis the season”

  1. I love the airing of grievances, but I’m not big on the feats of strength.

  2. yeah, the feats of strength is not something i’m good at either.
    airing of grievances should be a real staple of every holiday!

    • I think we should tie the airing of grievences right into the gift giving:

      “I got you this tie because you are such a pain in the neck!”
      “I bought you a sweater cuz you’re always complaining about the cold!”
      “I gave you that hammer so you’ll stop borrowing mine!”
      “I thought a scarf would suit you, a nice thick scarf tied on really, really tight, especially when worn over your mouth!”

      I think you see where I going with this…

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