press release for ‘Shades of Green’

want to know more about this new book from jeff fleming?

read the press release for Shades of Green by clicking here.


~ by nibblepoems on January 27, 2010.

One Response to “press release for ‘Shades of Green’”

  1. Young Mr Fleming-I just read Shades of Green. Excellent work, spare and vivid, visceral. Esepcially the closure to The Good News. Unforgettable line. Question: How or rather, why Vietnam? Everyone is wriiting about the new wars these days. Vietnam is my generation’s war. Written extensively about Vietnam often from soldier’s point of view; read the books and seen the movies. JUst wrot eone about an old vet drinking his last ten bucks ina bar calling the barman son though they are roughly the same age chornoloigcally Of course, the vet is infintely older Tells part of his story as the beers hit home and the spirng rain washes away the view on western Ave, Despite all the horrors of what eh saw and did, he never so much alive as he was then and he misses it……….alan c

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