looking for the one

yesterday we were wading through submissions, and we don’t mean that to sound like ‘trudging,’ like it’s something we don’t enjoy, more like pulling off your sneakers and rolling up your jeans on an unexpectedly warm day when you had planned only to walk along the river, but were instead compelled to wade in and cool your feet, maybe dangle your hands, and then find a dry, flat rock to sit on while you watched the river carry on down to whatever sea you might be near.

so yesterday we were luxuriating in some poetic submission when we came across a rather frustrating circumstance that is not uncommon.  we read a poem that started, frankly, rather poorly.  somewhere in the middle stanzas, the poet found a bit of genius.  then the poem ended in a mildly satisfactory way.

what to do…what to do…pass on brilliance in the face of a clumsy, poorly written beginning?  or seize genius where it may lie?  we put it to the side, allowing it to percolate in our subconscious.  but really, this story isn’t even about that poem.  it’s about the next poem we read, which we loved and immediately agreed was probably too good for nibble, but we were going to accept it before the universe did a cosmic 180 on us and took it away.

such are the joys of editing a poetry mag.  such is the joy that you, dear reader, dear poet, give to us poor, unwashed schlubs.

so thank you.

and keep ’em coming.


~ by nibblepoems on February 2, 2010.

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