pttp or the blank nibble

many of you were invited to take part in a project we were calling “Power to the People” and some folks called “the blank nibble.”  we chose fifty-two poets to participate and we mailed out two blank nibbles.  the idea was that each poet would hand write a poem and then mail the blank on to the next poet.  when the issues returned home to nibble hq, we would copy them and mail them out to everyone.

a nice little idea.  we thought it would be cool to have all the poems in each of the poets’ own script.  lot’s of folks were on board, we actually had to turn several folks away because the numbers were getting out of hand.


mr. barrett inquired after these issues in a comment and we thought we should address the topic in a post instead of just replying to his comment.

it is with a heavy heart that we must announce that both of the PTTP issues were lost in the mail.  poet “a” in both situations assures us that he/she mailed the issue out, but poet “b” in both situations assures us that the issue never arrived in his/her mailbox.

total f-ing bummer.   we moped about it for weeks, waited months to see if they would turn up and only now are we able to talk about it without that heavy feeling erupting in our guts.

maybe we’ll try again in the future.  maybe we’ll have all the poets promise to send the stuff so that a signature is required for delivery.

but for now, it’s just too soon.

~ by nibblepoems on May 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “pttp or the blank nibble”

  1. oh man. i got totally naseous reading this. i’m so sorry, Jeff. i know you were wicked excited about this project. hell, a lot of us were. this really sucks.

    what are the odds?

    my condolences.

  2. So… the crazy thing is… that blank nibble that first got lost on its way to me, found its way back to me about a month ago. It just randomly showed up in my inbox, right around the time that you and I first started talking about the blank nibbles being lost. Want me to try it again? I have a completely blank nibble that can start out the journey, and I don’t mind sending it signature-required.

  3. huge bummer – I was really looking forward to this Jeff – it was one of the best ideas I’d ever read and I was so excited. Hope you have the energy again one day!

  4. gotta love the postal service.

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