well, if you follow us on twitter you know that we’ve made a 180 degree turn in our focus.  we have been teasing you about a chapbook from the newly formed nibble press for a while now.

uh…yeah…that project is now on hold.  something better is happening.

we had planned, some time ago, to publish special issues of nibble that focused on a few of our favorite poets, showcasing them with three or four poems each along with a little expository piece. every issue would have a theme or topic or focus.  today, miraculously, the heavens opened and shot forth a nearly finished manuscript for the first book in this series.  a few hours later the sucker was done!

today we are proud to announce a new mag called nibble/focus.  issue one features three of our absolute favorite poets: leah angstman, rebecca schumejda, and jenifer wills. also in the issue, poetry from jeff fleming. we will invite more of our favorite poets for future issues.

nibble/focus issue number one is available now at a special introductory price of $5.  this price will be good for two weeks, at which time the book will revert to it’s normal cover price of $7.

you can order today via paypal by clicking here or you can snailmail check or money order to us at this address.

this book is monumental and we suggest you do not delay.  place that order now.  you’ll be thrilled when you get the book.  we promise.

fyi: this book will NOT ship to folks who have a subscription to nibble.


~ by nibblepoems on May 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “focus”

  1. Well how do you do? I was so looking forward to the announcement. But, this is pretty cool as it’s an announcement of another sort. Great idea, Jeff!

  2. Jeff always has some new shit going on to kick the poetry scene
    right squarely in the balls.


    Good work, d0oD.

    – –
    Father Luke

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