the first ever issue of nibble/focus is now available for your ordering pleasure.  we are happy to announce an introductory price of only $5. this title will return to its regular price of $7 in two weeks time.

wait, what is nibble/focus, you ask?

well, it is like nibble under a microscope. or, more precisely, the poets of nibble under a microscope. we have chosen four of our favorite poets and asked them to write 3 to 4 poems following a theme or topic or idea. we have also asked them to write a short (or not so) expository piece on the art/craft or whatever poetry related theme they wish to conquer. we will invite more poets for future issues.

also, these poems are not required to stay within the line limits of the regular nibble issues. this allows the poets a little more freedom to dance on as long as they would like. we love the tight precision of short poems, but sometimes you just need to spread out.

the first issue, the one available NOW, features leah angstman, rebecca schumejda, and jenifer wills.  three of our absolute, all-time faves. there is also poetry in there by jeff fleming.

so order now. you will not regret owning and enjoying this book. guaranteed.

yep, we guarantee it.



~ by nibblepoems on May 20, 2010.

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