for some reason, it always surprises us when we find the issue we are working on is full.  and it happened again.

issue 13 is full.

so.  what now, you ask.  well, this is the time period that we refer to as “pre-production” and its length depends completely on the whims of our fearless leader.  if he has a slow weekend, we could be mailing this thing out on monday because he will work within an obsessed frenzy until issue 13 is ready. 

chances are he’ll spend the whole weekend in-line skating with his seven year-old.  in that case, we’re looking at mailing it out late next week or early the following one.

if you have a poem or poems appearing in issue 13, we invite you to send more of your poems.  let’s see if you can go back-to-back, eh?

if you weren’t in 13, well, better get crackin’.

oh yeah, we have to include the sales pitch: if you aren’t appearing in the next issue, you should send us some dough so you won’t miss out on a brilliant new issue.  we have some great new poets that we are TRULY excited about and think this could be one of our most interesting issues to date.

thanks for everything you’ve done for us or will do for us.  you are the best.

~ by nibblepoems on June 11, 2010.

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