honest = good

got this in a letter from ed galing today (for those who don’t know, ed galing is a 93 yr-old poetry machine who we have published in the past and have a certain fondness for):

dear jeff fleming

how are you
thanks for the new nibbles
some good poems in there
and also some lousy ones
my opinion

so here are a few poems.  i hope you pick one.
i think i should be represented. a.d. winans
and lifshin are not the only ones, or alan catlin.

these poems are a bit long, but so what

it’s what’s in it.


ed galing

great letter, but we have a question:

which ones were lousy? 

we’d honestly like to know.

we’ll have to write him a letter as he’s not into email.

– stay tuned –

~ by nibblepoems on September 9, 2010.

One Response to “honest = good”

  1. very very cool

    i am searching long time for someone to tell me which one are lousy…

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