toward the midnight gloom we row

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toward the midnight gloom we row

Like this: after midnight
July, a police officer
a teenage driver
flashing lights.
The cop, the car, he found
badly shaken, the kid
tears and babbling
something happened

David told of travelers
through this dark place
a young lady dressed
in white, hitchhiking
sits in the passenger seat
a cautionary message to deliver.

But our friend David
stammering and trying
frowning to the policeman.

David was driving. 

Bound in the midst
of all the darkness
that collects in the middle
there was a gleam.

“She was standing
on the road,
near the first white glow,”
David said. “I drove closer
and she said, ‘Can you bring me
to the church?'”

Driving faster,
late for her wedding.

Those who know
when a woman
found wandering
starts babbling
a ghost flinging
out the window.

But David drove on
the curious woman
the wedding gown.

He turned where even greater
darkness gathers
found a church
between two posts
his eager rider
the right place
she said goodbye.

Rub the chill from your skin.

– jeff fleming


~ by nibblepoems on September 21, 2010.

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