just a few pennies a day will feed an entire magazine…


we’re here today, knocking on doors, ringing door bells, because we need your help.  we publish a poetry magazine and if we don’t put out another issue before the end of the calendar year we will lose our generous NEA grant.

ok…sorry…that was a lie.  we don’t have an NEA grant or any other kind of grant.  not sure why we said that…sorry, again.

but we do feel compelled to get another issue out before the end of the year AND we really do need your help to do that!  we are inviting you to send your SHORT poems in as soon as they are polished and ready.  remember: 20 lines or less.

together we can get a little poetry mag out into the world of art starved lunatics.


~ by nibblepoems on November 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “just a few pennies a day will feed an entire magazine…”

  1. The world of art-starved lunatics appears to be ever increasing in my experience.. only last week I watched as a bus-load of wide-eyed individuals in straight jackets (some drooling) were lead into an art gallery. Half an hour later the emerged, well-dressed and engaged in discussion as to art’s deeper meaning..

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