we did it!

coming soon – issue sixteen!

yep, issue 16 is full up with some fantastic poetry and is ready for pre-order.  we plan to have this little wonder ready in plenty of time to ship for the holidays.  our little gift to you OR your little gift to that poetry lover on your list.  and with any luck, they’ll get hooked (why wouldn’t they?) and then we’ll have them for life…

uh…that sounded way more sinister than we really meant.  we just want them to become poetry junkies…did it again.  with your help there is not telling how many people we can infect…damn, this is harder than it looks.


together we can instill a life-long love of poetry in folks who just haven’t given poetry a fair shake.  (that’s better!) 

so click on this, and order up some poetic holiday cheer.

do it.

for the children…

and for yourself, because you know you deserve it!


~ by nibblepoems on December 2, 2010.

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