we get the nicest letters:

Dear Jeff,

Hope you are doing well, and that the next issue is moving right along.

About the latest bite…

First- I loved the cover- nice contrast, great use of negative space.

Liked the references to snow in your poem and in Tim Scannell’s poem for the December issue.

Best Poem in it- your “It is Winter”- perfection.

Loved your other poem, too-
hard, smart, funny.

I thought you put together a great eclectic collection. I enjoyed all of the poems. Some of them
lingered with me, of course-

Loved both of Tim Scannell’s poems-
I am so sorry to see that he has passed away.

Leah’s were great. Her poems pulse with energy. I especially liked the one about Captain America.

I also really enjoyed-
Tom Retchtin’s
Alan Catlin’s
Ed Galing’s
both Hannah Cushing’s
and Ericka Donald’s

So that’s what I thought about the latest bite. You did say that you like to hear our thoughts about it. 🙂

Take care!

Maureen Virchau

~ by nibblepoems on December 16, 2010.

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