you had me at ‘hello’

on rare and wonderful occasions we read a cover letter and know immediately that we will accept at least one of the enclosed poems.  here is an example of just such a letter:


Dear Jeff Fleming, Editor, Nibble:

Everything’s gotten all cold and white outside, and my life has reverted to
the winter routine of trudging to the bus stop with the kids in the morning
and shoveling the sidewalks before disappearing inside to write, wrapped
inside an electric blanket and typing while wearing fingerless gloves. This
time of year, I begin to forget simple things, like what my neighbors look
like when they’re not wrapped in multiple layers of nylon and down, what
birds sound like when they’re happy, what rain feels like.

I hope you like the poems.

Holly Day


yes, holly, we like the poems. 

thank you.

~ by nibblepoems on January 12, 2011.

One Response to “you had me at ‘hello’”

  1. I love that cover letter! I didn’t even know cover letters could be so poetic. I am really looking forward to seeing Holly’s poetry in upcoming issues. I am also looking forward to spring.:-)

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